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Fresh 2023 Scholarship from the University of Bradford – Apply Now


When it comes to furthering one’s education abroad, there are lots of students out there who do not have enough access to information regarding how they can easily be an international student at a university of their choice. It’s no news that student loans, grants and also scholarships tend to come in handy when it comes to supporting several students around the globe.


These students are those who do not have enough financial capabilities to keep up with study costs, tuition expenses and other things related to cost of living. The unfortunate thing with this is that there are are also plenty of students out there who are indirectly forced to shut down their dreams of studying at top universities like the University of Bradford, due to financial inconvenience.


Just so you know, it would cost you over £20,000 to study at the University of Bradford as an international student and if you ask us, that is actually a lot of money. That amount of money does seem huge and we know there are lots of people who are already uncomfortable or worried about it but you should worry less, because this article is here to help.


Are you a student who is currently seeking for a way that would be sure to help you further your education in the United Kingdom, at a university like the University of Bradford?


Do you want to be substantially updated on some of the available scholarships that would make your education abroad easier? If yes, then you should waste no time in hopping on this train of ours as we discuss on a list of these available scholarships from the University of Bradford.


Before we go any further into the scholarship list, let us talk about why as a student, you should have the University of Bradford amongst your choice of international study institutions.


Why Study at University of Bradford?

At the start of each academic year, University of Bradford takes in thousands of students who are readily up for a means to achieve academic excellence. Since the formation of this university, first as Mechanics Institute way back in 1832, this great institute of learning has done its best to see that it remains one of the most astounding and respectable universities we have in the United Kingdom.


After the University of Bradford gained its university status by royal charter in 1966, it has produced CEOs, great professors, scientist, widely recognized business owners and several other astounding personalities.


It is sometimes argued that this university could actually be on par with some of the top universities we have in the UK which includes the University of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of Leicester and many more.


When it comes to delivering vast amount of knowledge at several fields of study, this university doesn’t seem to lag behind. The fields of science, philosophy, arts, sociology, geography, linguistics, Economics and econometrics, accountancy and finance – these aforementioned fields of study from the University of Bradford has produced individuals who are effectively reshaping our world as we speak.


As a student in the University of Bradford, you get the golden opportunity to be a beneficiary of a responsive system of learning, positive learning environment, lots of intelligent and very skilled tutors, wide variety of postgraduate opportunities and also supportive scholarship programs.


This university has remained one of those universities in England that try their best when it comes to ensuring that admitted students gain their degrees without much discomfort. The University of Bradford has actually been recorded as a frequent choice amongst several students (both international and domestic) when it comes to selecting a university to further their studies at.


Now, for those who are much interested in the scholarship programs that the University of Bradford offers, some of these helpful scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.


1. Academic Excellence Scholarships

The University of Bradford currently has about 10,000 students who are there to get their degrees from whatever courses they’re studying. You reading this can actually become part of those students with the aid of the Academic Excellence Scholarships.


The university is offering scholarships worth up to £2,500, £3,000 or £3,500 based on your entry qualifications and nationality per year, to students who wish to study an undergraduate degree programme for more than three years.


It’s also important to note that those students would receive funding for the additional years subject to satisfactory progression (excluding any years you are paying a reduced fee, for example when you are on a sandwich year).


There is actually no limit to the number of scholarships available, as all students who are eligible will receive the award.



Before you can be considered eligible for this scholarship, you must:

be a student who has achieved the country equivalent of AAA at A-level


be classed as an international fee-paying student


students based in the UK who are eligible for home fee status will be assessed under the UK Academic Excellence Scholarship


students that have level 3 qualifications which are not listed, please contact to ascertain eligibility.


You should also note that students who already hold a degree cannot be considered for the scholarship and students who transfer from another university to the University of Bradford will not be eligible for the scholarship unless they transfer into stage 1 of their programme i.e. foundation year or first year.


2. Peace Studies and International Development Scholarship

Peace Studies and International Development (PSID) is actually one of the crown-jewels of Bradford when it comes to global reputation. It was formed years back with the merger of two erstwhile departments namely, Department of Peace Studies (which was created in 1973 as the world’s first such department) and the Bradford Centre for International Development (in 1969 as one of the four oldest development studies centres in the UK).


The University is thrilled to be able to offer scholarships that will be of great benefit to both international applicants and even those classed as home students – usually those from the UK and EU.



All students that have been offered a place on any of the following applicable courses are eligible:

Peace, Conflict and Development MA


Peace, Resilience and Social Justice MA


Advanced Practice in Peace building and Conflict Resolution MA


International Relations and Security Studies MA


Economics & Finance for Development MSc


International Development Management MA


Project Planning and Management MSc


Sustainable Development MSc


3. International Relations, Politics and Security Studies Undergraduate Scholarship

In the run up to celebrating in 2023, the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the UK’s first Peace Studies Department, the University of Bradford is thrilled to offer scholarships that will be sure to benefit all undergraduate applicants, both international and home that enrol on the course: BA International Relations, Politics and Security Studies


As an International student, you get to benefit from a generous scholarship by means of a 50% tuition fee reduction.


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