You are currently viewing Available Scholarships from Simmons University – Apply Here!

Available Scholarships from Simmons University – Apply Here!


For many years, grants, student loans and also scholarships have been recorded to be a saving hand when it comes to supporting several students around the globe who do not have enough financial strength to bear the weight of study costs and other academic expenses.


The sad thing to note here is that every year, there are are millions of students out there who unfortunately have to close down their dreams of studying at top universities like the Simmons University, due to financial hardship. According to several reports, the average cost after aid at Simmons University is said to be $28,000 and if you ask us, that’s a lot of money.


Are you a student who is currently looking for a pathway that would help you further your education in the United Kingdom, at a university like the Simmons University? Do you want to get immensely updated on some of the available scholarship programs that would make the pursuit of your degrees easier? If yes, then you should waste no time in hopping on this train of ours as we discuss on a list of these available scholarships from the Simmons University.


Before we move any further into the scholarship list, let us talk about why as a student, you should have the Simmons University amongst your choice of study institutions.


Why Study at Simmons University?

At the start of each academic year, Simmons University receives thousands of intelligent minds who are seeking for a means to achieve academic excellence. Since the establishment of this university way back in 1899, this great institute of learning has remained one of the most astounding and widely recognized universities we have in the United Kingdom.


Great mathematicians, scientist, large business owners and several other great personalities have passed through Simmons University. This university is actually on par with many other top universities in the UK which includes the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, University of London, University of Leicester and many more.


The fields of arts, philosophy, sociology, linguistics, geography, science, Economics and econometrics, accountancy and finance – these aforementioned fields of study from Simmons University has produced individuals who are currently reshaping our world rapidly.


If you get admitted as a student in Simmons University, you get the chance to be a beneficiary of a supportive system of learning, a positive learning environment, very intelligent and skilled tutors, lots of postgraduate opportunities and also supportive scholarship programs. Just so you know, this university has graduation rate of 80% and an acceptance rate of about 84%.


The Simmons University has remained one of those universities that try as much as possible to ensure that admitted students gain their degrees with comfort. This university has been recorded as a common choice amongst students (both international and domestic) when it comes to picking a university to further their studies at.


These aforementioned perks above are just a few out of many more factors that contributes to this university being one of the best in the United. Now, for those who are much interested in the scholarship programs that Simmons University offers, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.


1. Kotzen Scholarship

The Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program is a very much competitive merit award that recognizes the brightest and best students interested in a transformative education at Simmons University.The Kotzen Scholarship us actually the most prestigious award offered at Simmons University, and it acknowledges excellence through focus on study abroad, intellectual curiosity and also scholarly research.


If you become a successful awardee of the Kotzen Scholarship, you would be provided with room and board, full tuition and also an additional $3,000 for academic pursuits such as study abroad, research support, and more. You should also note that this scholarship supersedes any previously awarded merit scholarship and is awarded for the duration of a four-year period of full-time undergraduate study.



Before you go ahead and apply for this scholarship, note that:

you must apply as a first-year for the fall semester


Simmons is test optional so it is your choice if you would like to submit standardized test scores with your admission application.


Non-native English speakers must submit an English proficiency test (TOEFL/IELTS, TOEFL essentials, SAT/ACT scores, or Duolingo English Test)


you need a college preparatory curriculum including an advanced level math course during, or prior to, your senior year of high school.


2. Simmons University Community College Excellence Scholarship (SUCCESS)

Students graduating with their associate’s degree (AA/AS) from an accredited college will be eligible for the university’s Transfer SUCCESS program. It is also worthy to note that both transfer students and adult students (students over 24) are eligible for this scholarship.


If you eventually become a successful awardee of the Simmons University Community College Excellence Scholarship, you get the chance to be part of the following benefits:

Priority application review


Expedited transfer credit evaluation


Electronic decision notification


Full-time and part-time scholarships available for those completing an Associate’s degree! Up to $20,000 for full-time and up to $10,000 for part-time



The eligibility criteria for this scholarship isn’t much as it only requires that you:

Submit all required application materials for general admission.


Check off the box on the application that indicates you will be completing an associate’s degree from a community college. You will be automatically reviewed for the program!


are a first-bachelor’s candidate


3. Boston Scholarship

The Simmons University Boston Scholarship is another competitive merit award which one can be a beneficiary of. This scholarship actually recognizes students who have attained academic excellence and it’s dedicated to provide opportunities for these students in order to help them achieve success at the college level and beyond.


If you eventually become a successful awardee, you get to receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship.



Simmons is test optional so it is your choice if you would like to submit standardized test scores with your admission application. For those choosing to submit test scores, you should note that a 21 or higher is recommended on the ACT and a 1080 or higher is recommended on the SAT.


Applicants are also required to have demonstrated creativity, engagement, global perspective, leadership, resiliency, or other qualities indicative of the ability to contribute to Simmons’ diverse community. For more information regarding this, be sure to visit the official website.


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