You are currently viewing Review: Is Legit or Scam Review: Is Legit or Scam still left me in shock how they have been able to make it easy for their users to make huge some of money within a day.


I will state some fact about this app because I don’t really know about until one faithful day, when I was trying to work, and I got a message from elder sister concerning

Unfortunately, like I said I didn’t know what she was talking about until I saw the login to and I was like… how did she get it and she said the same thing, that she don’t even know how it get into her phone so that was when I knew there was something good about this newly launched website called


So today, I have been able to learn the cons and pros of because I have been able to carry out thorough research on, that why I was able to come up here and let you know if is legit or scam. Although, I now you might think I am joking when I said I went to get a good view on to know if it are waste of time and effort so I will start by letting you know more about on my review. Now let go!!!! Review

Hey guys you don’t have to panic because I gat you guided. Like I said I will be introducing this new website page called So, after all my reviews and research just know know if Is legit or scam I have been able to come up with a good news on how you can make money on, how you can withdraw on, is Legit or scam, when was launched, the real owner of and many more as you read through.

What is


What is is a well known crypto currency platform where all buyer and seller come together to make earnings by by crypto currency at lower or chipper price and selling it off when it raises. But wait do you really think is as easy as that? But don’t worry because that why I am here for you to educate more on What really mean. USDT is a token Tether USD (hereinafter referred to as USDT) based on the stable value currency USD launched by Tether. USDT = USD 1, users can use USDT 1:1 to exchange USD at any time.

How does Works


Earning on is a very tasking thing to do but I will show you how you can earn money from without stress so just keep on reading to know how you can earn on

But wait, do you really know what is used for?. No you don’t I guess but let me tell you again that is a third party crypto currency platform that allow it users to trade on the and be able to earn some funds for themselves.

Despite the fact that it not as popular as you think it may be, there have been so many testimonies regarding how legit it what. So, why are you wasting your time when you have here.

Not only that, you can make money on by just referring other people into the platform and I will be telling you how to do that so don’t be in a haste to quickly join the until you are will convince that is legit and not scam.

How to get Referral


To get referrals on, you have to have registered on their platform with

After that you can now login and go to your dashboard, there you will find your referral code, then you can now copy and share to other platform.

Who is the Real Owner of


To bad that I can’t tell who the real owner of is but I have been able to carry out my research and find out that is in affiliation with Binance, Bitcoin, Whatscoin Math wallet and other crypto currency companies.

Payment Proof for

Yes I can proudly show you some Payment proof for so you don’t have to worry because I gat your back. You can trust me when I am talking about app review because I don’t want to mislead you.

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Although, the Payment proof are not mine but for those that are closer to me so I decided to bring the update on for you all and I hope you appreciate. Social Media Handle


I know you might also want to know if there are verified or not. So, I have also decided to show you socia media handle so you can as well learn more and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter if there are on there. Instagram Handle

Unfortunately, there is no recognized Instagram account for that to say you can’t get them on Instagram. Facebook Page


This is so sad as I can’t even get them on any social media platform but that doesn’t stop you from trying because don’t say I didn’t tell you. Signup/Registration

If you are trying to make money on and you don’t know how to go about it, then gather here because I will be showing you how to do so remember this is my website where I will be revealing how you can make money on your own.

Are you trying to set up on your phone but you finding it so difficult? Then stop that and just go to and you will be asked to submit your username, email, phone number, password, confirmation key and then lastly you will be ask to input the captcha for security purpose and to confirm if you are a robot.

Then after that, you can now click on your Register Button. Login

To login on is easy as long as you have been able to Register on the platform. Just input your username and your password then you can get access to your account dashboard.

How can I Withdraw on


I know this is the best part you will love to concentrate more because it deals with withdrawing your money from, but don’t rush it because that not only you will be knowing about

Ok, to Withdraw on, you have to go to the withdrawal option after you have successfully login into your

After that, you will be taken to another home; where you can now find your balance, address you will to send your funds into and the amount you want to send. Then you can as well choose the account you will love to send your funds on your into.

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Is Legit or Scam

The answer to this is YES! is legit and not scam because I have been able to carry out so many findings about it and I am happy to let you know that you can use it



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