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Getting to know that betaforex really exist is another privilege from God because you will love what you read about this app. And if you have heard of betaforex world before,  I know you won’t wait for someone to introduce the betaforex app to you again.

Are you interested in betaforex world ?, do you want to get answers about betaforex world or are you scared that betaforex world might be fake or Legit?. Today answers will be give to the reader so it better you read this content to the end for better review.

From the name,, you can tell that the app is legit and is now all over the world as you can see it had the word “World”. But that not what we are talking about for now because I will love to go straight to the point as to let you know weather “betaforex world” is legit or scam.

Amazingly, is an app on the the internet that helps it users to make money out of it. You might say there are so many apps like betaforex world on the internet but are not working, it because you have not tried

So today, I will be going straight to the point by explaining all you need to know about

But before I start, I will love you to know that I am not in any affiliation with,neither am I being paid to advertise for

So let get started with some details about Review will be reviewing so many imposters issues and relatable questions that you have been asking today. So just make sure you stay tuned to this article and read to the end so you can get a better result for you to excel on

You are not wasting your time trying to read this review on because I will be revealing some secret about so you are not wasting your time, but instead you will be gain and learn more about

So today, I will be explaining what means, how you can earn money on,when was launched, the real owner of, signup, login and more for you to know if is legit or scam.

What is

From the name you should be able to tell how legit the app will be because according to, they have been able to satisfy many users online. is an online platform that allows users make money through Forex trading.

We can tell that Forex trading is so rampant in Nigeria today and they are really making it on forest trading so I guess is another medium to help people make money with easy risk.

How to Earn on

This is where most people don’t understand about, and I will be solving the puzzle for you today as you read through the review of Like I said before, you can actually start earn on then you deposit money into your Forex account or fund your wallet to enable you trade with Forex. Reading the Forex chart is another way to earn money on because you will be able to go into market, trade and make valuable profit for yourself.

However, has made this easy for you to refer on and earn without trading on forex. I guess this is amazing? You might choose to just refer so many people on bur if you wish to increase your earnings you hand to deposit into your wallet and trade with it.

Some people also want to know how much they can deposit into their wallet: Well, you can actually deposit the minimum of R50. So, for you to trading, you have to deposit this amount or higher amount before trading with

How to get Referral

To do so, all you have to do is to get signed up with, after that, you can go to your referral page on your account and copy your referral code and share it to other platform so any one that use your link, you will surely earn more.

When was Launched

The good thing about is that it was created on 20th of September, 2022. Although, the app was found this year but they are really performing great Wonder’s.

Who is the Real Owner of

Unfortunately, the real owner of have not been able to reveal his or her secret as they kept calm on the who the real owner might be. Registration/Signup

To get started on is so easy, all you have to do is to go to the home page and click on the “start trading”. After you have done this, you will be directed to signup page for you to get started. Login

Login process is simple and easy  after you have successfully created an account with All you will be asked for is your password and your email.

And if you seem to forget the password, you can request for a forgotten password so you can change your password.

How to Withdraw on

On betaforex.word, users must be able to profile a good bank account details for payment to be delivered into your bank account. In other words, you have to get to the minimum withdrawal threshold for you to request a withdrawal.

Is Worth It

Yes this is worth trading with because your chance of losing is not much so you can be sure that you will earn more on your account.

Is Legit or Scam

Unfortunately, I can predict the fact that is legit or scam because as of now, they are really doing what they can do to keep the app safe. So if you are interested in betaforex, you should be careful and know when to withdraw your money. Don’t me to greedy to keep your money with

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