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Scooper Review- Is Scooper Legit or Scam

This is another opportunity for you to work ok your talent as I bring to you another verified paying platform where you can actually earn money after writing and publishing your articles on scooper. I know you might say this is simple task to carry on with and you might want to rush to the payment platform due to the fact that you really need money.

Dear don’t rush this because if you rush In, you will definitely rush out that why I bring to you this topic so you can find out in full details if this apps are really paying

Today, we will be discussing what scooper is, how much you can earn on scooper and the registration process because most people find it very hard to get verified on scooper because they did not follow the right process in creating their account.

I have to let you know that scooper is a very legit site where writers get paid for publishing articles on the platform and this is a very strict site that doesn’t tolerate rubbish from any writer that why you must be qualified with some years of experience before applying for scooper. 

Ok now, we can start checking this out to know if this is just a waste of time as you may say but I am assuring you this this is a legit online business.


What is Scooper News:

This is a publishing site that brings us legit and updated news from the source. This application also allows individuals to connect with fans by sharing videos and many more.

How can I get started on Scooper News:

Getting started on scooper is one of the toughest experience a writer that is not worthy could face because you have to meet their requirements before you can actually get paid on this platform. That to show you that this is not a child’s play. Scoopers are ready to pay you as long as you are qualified.

For you to get started on this platform, you must first register with the scooper link, which is,

This link will enable you to submit your details for approval on Scooper.

Your bio data must be correct so that you won’t experience any issues when you get approved.

How much can I Earn on Scooper News:

The good news here is that you can get paid every month after publishing your article on scooper. I guess this is a good platform for you to earn a living for yourself and your family at large. You get paid for 0.8 Naira for your article depending on how viral they article went.

When was Scooper News Launched: Scooper was launched on Friday, January 18, 2019, at its Lagos office.

Scooper News Registration:

Now this is where you have to read more as you will be asked to submit your article sample which must not exceed 2MB. This is where some people make mistakes or don’t even know what to do.


Scooper will ask for your writing experience, and you must let them know that you have at least 2 years’ experience in writing and why you want them to approve you. A code will be sent to your registered phone number so you must also submit the sample of your write up weather in pdf or in words

Scooper News Login:

after you have successfully registered on scooper news, then you will be able to login using your phone number and your emails address.


Is Scooper News Legit or Scam:

Yes of course, scooper news online business is legit and not time wasting. You can try this and thank me later

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