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Hey don’t scroll! Make sure you read this through because I am here with another hot investment platform where you can trust 100%.

I have come to realize that not everyone likes using their bank and dues to the problem they are having with the bank, they have deceived to invest their money in to safer hands but that not the case because today I will be lecturing and revealing a great investment platform where you can actually deposit your income and get in percentage for every income that you deposited into the investment app. Note this, I am not trying to boost the name of these investment apps I will be mentioning to you, neither I am been paid to advertise for them but I am here to reveal if the app is safe to use.

As you already know, this is a website where I will be reviewing every app I come across for your own benefit and you can trust and also put down your opinions in the comments section.

On my platform today, I will be explaining to you how you can use this app and how it works plus other characteristics of the app.

And my list goes here.

Trove Investment App:

I know you are not aware of this mobile investment app that why I have come here today in other to introduce you to new app that you can benefit from.

And I will start by asking these questions which I will still answer below so don’t just scroll.

Now I will be answering all this questions base on the fact that I want you to know all about this app before you can be able to use it to avoid getting scammed.

What is

This is an app that allow you to invest in the Nigerian stock markets for as low as 1,000 Naira and not only that, they also allow you to invest in US stock market and the Chinese stock market for ad low as $10.00 now you can see that this does not really need much of your capital to start up this investment instead of eating up all your daily income, while not trying to deposit little of it and gain additional money to your invested income. On this same app, they are over 4,000 stocks markets that you can invest in. Wow that so great.

How does Works:

I know you will be so shocked to see this but I have to tell you that this app is connected to Dangote Shares and as we all know that Dangote is one of the richest man in Africa as we speak. So all you have to do on this app to make money, is to refer other people and you will be entitled to five shares of Dangote Sugar plus another five shares of GT Bank for free.

How do I Refer or Invite on

Referring other people on this platform is not so hard, what you have to do is to go to your profile and copy your referral code and then share it to other incoming users then you will get your five percent shares.

When was Launched:

Meanwhile, why I was thinking of searching for a good app to invest, my brother introduced me to this Trove app and I am really making earnings from it because I felt there are legit and I tried if without any doubt because they have been in existence since 2014. Now you can check from 2014 to 2022. I think that a lot of years. So you can also checks the years an app have have been existing for their creditability so you can be on a safer side.

Who is the CEO/ Owner of

I know you might said the app is for the share holder who are GT Bank and Dangote, but unfortunately, the app is owned and managed by Andy Ruben. He does not only have Trove app, he also have number of transformational efforts over his tenure, including launching Walmart’s heralded sustainability effort, re-imagining Walmart’s $20 Billion private brands business, and integrating online and stores.

Where can I Find the

Google have made it easy for us to search for important information and get them in detail so why have you not been able to know this app for long now. Or is it because you don’t know it exist? Ok dear I can understand the fact that you don’t know the app, but you can find this app in play store if you use iPhone and you can also fine the app on google play for Android users. But if you can’t access that, all you have to do is to use this link; Registration/Signup:

After been able to access the app, all you have to do is left to you because it very easy to set up an account with them as long as you own the app to yourself. All you have to if you are making use of the web, is to go to the three lines at the top right, click on it and you will see the sign-up button. Unfortunately, I was trying to login but the server is down but that is not a big deal. Because for you to sign up, you have to fill in your details like your username, your email, referral code and your email address.


How do I Withdraw on

You can gain access to your account as new user after you have been able to Register successfully ok their site. And you can now login with your email and your password.

I know this is where the problem lies in some apps. Other features might be satisfying and justified but when its time for you to cash out, it becomes hard for you which is not supposed to be so but thank God this app does not have any related issues when it comes to withdrawing your income.

Now you see the reason I said you should read it the end to avoid misinterpretation of words. Trove App have been able to make a new update on their investment platform so I will be teaching you how you can make your withdrawal on it to avoid mistakes. Firstly, you have to go to your balance on the trove app and click on it and when you do that, you will see different Wallet which are Vault Wallet, NG portfolio cash wallet and lastly, your US portfolio cash wallet.

I will love to explain what the NG Portfolio Cash. This are money that can only be used to invest in the Nigerian stock market. All you need to do is to deposit money into your NG Portfolio wallet so you can start investing.

  • US Portfolio Wallet: This is a special money you can use to invest in the US stock only. And for you to invest on US Stock, you need to deposit money into your US portfolio Wallet.
  • Vault Wallet: This is majorly the new update that Trove Investment app have been able to achieve so I will be revealing to you, what you can use the trove card for. You can use the Trove card to to make payment in dollars and in Naira on different website.

So, you will find the withdrawal option on the roll so you can click on each of them, and it I’ll let you withdraw money to your bank that has been linked to the Trove Wallet.

Note: There are different options that you have to know how to use quite well so you don’t lose your money trying to fund your wallet.

And I will be letting you know how you can Fund your account through “Fund Naira”, which is the first feature you will find for you to be able to fund your account in other to invest.

We also have the “Fund Dollar”, Send Money and Move Funds.

I know many of us don’t want to through the stress that is embedded in this investment platform. That why I am here to explain how they work so don’t worry you will get them right.

How does Fund Naira Work:

This work with your Nigerian Bank account to your vault, and when you click on the Fund Naira button you will find different options like the Naira Debit Card, Barter or Paga.

But one of the easiest methods to use is the bank transfer method. You might ask my why? It because from the beginning of your Trove account registration, you will be asked to input your BVN so that they can clarify that the account really belongs to you.

So, once you tapped on the bank transfer option, you can now enter the amount of money that you want to deposit into your trove wallet, then you tap on “Next”. So, a note will pop up Immediately after you click on the next option, saying Instant deposit is only available weekdays between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm (WAT). You can turn that on if you want it.

And if you are depositing maybe like 20,000 Naira

You will be having this as the protocol on Trove Investment platform.

We have:

Payment Processor Fee: 201.51

Estimated Total: 20,201.51

Exchange Rate: $1.00 = 575.04

You will be receiving: 34:78

And then the next thing you need to do after you have seen all this, is to tap on the next button then it I’ll give you a account number and the bank name where you can send your fund to and after you do that, you will Receive an email that the transaction deposit was successful. But to do this, just copy the account number and bank name, then go to the account that was linked to the Trove wallet which eventually carries your name so that they can approve your payment and then select the amount that that you want to deposit and you will see the dollar rate as you typed in the amount. After that, you can now click on “I have made the bank transfer”. After that, your fund will reflect on your account which is the Trove Wallet.

Is Legit or Scam:

However, many people might still say that this app is not legit because that are scared of losing money. But I am here to assure you that this app is legit, and you won’t get scammed on this app because you can also check up their app review to see that they are legit. This app has over 4.5 reviews on google play and other site.

Secret You Should Know Before Using This App Called Trove App:

I know there is no app review site that will reveal this secret to anyone trying to use this app, but I am here for you.

  • Since you know the Exchange Rate, you must wait till dollar raise so that you can accumulate more revenue for yourself
  • Deposit little of money for a start so that you can generate more income when the dollar rate is high
  • share your link home and abroad to help you gain more funds.
  • You must not invest during weekend because the rate falls.


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