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Earnin.con Review: Is Legit or Scam.

So many online making money platform in Nigeria but do you know that 30% of online money making apps are fake so it better you get this review before you go into any online business so you don’t waste time.

So I guess you have been hearing about and so many testimonies that have done to people.

Most people complain bitterly about been broke because they really don’t know about .

But if you do receive paycheck, or are you a teacher, a Nurse a banker or you don’t work at all and you want to get extra fee for your self in other not to go into financial bondage, then is for you but it a misfortune that most of us don’t know about this app until now so it better you grab this with your slightest opportunity because today I will be letting you know more about this app and how it works.

But I will encourage you now to rush in to this until you find our this is legit and not scam because on this, you will have to put in your bank information to able them pay you directly when you are financially down.

So let get the best review on as you read through. Review

As I said before, that I will be revealing some secret about to you so you won’t have to go else where because you will be getting the best review on earning from workandearn site so why are you doubting.

For anyone reviewing about, I will be letting you know if is legit or scam, when it was published, how you can earn on, how you can withdraw your money from, where you can find app, payment proof on, the real owner of, Signup/login and lastly their websites and handles. So stay tuned and let get started.

What is

I am so glad to let you know about this app called where you don’t have to work, or take any task or survey but all you have to do is to join their program and you can get paid from all over the world. Are you a teacher, nurse, banker and you receive little wages then earnin.con is for you because there are here to change your life by loaning you any amount of money and then taking it back from your paycheck. You might ask yourself what I meant by paycheck? But unfortunately it only the United State that do with paycheck because I guess this app is restricted in some countries.

But nevertheless, you knowing about is another privilege because they said “No knowledge is a waste”.

How to Earn on

Earning on for a a minor payment process because like I said before you don’t have to work and start competition with anyone before you earn on has made it so easy for their customers or user to get access to financial freedom as long as they are a partner with So for you to earn on, you have to become their partner and get started.

I guess it getting so much interesting as you now know that you don’t have to do anything but just to earn so therefore, just keep reading as I will be explaining the process to you.

How to get Referral

Sorry to say, does not need any referral from you to start making money. And do you know that you can make up to $100-$750 per day with earning. So just continue chilling and enjoying the app.

When was Launched.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track the date app was launched but according to what I have seen on, it has been in existence for 5 years now. That so great for any app up to five years.

Who is the Real Owner of

The real owner of have decided to keep his identity from any one due to some specific reasons known to him. But that doesn’t disturb your earning and cashing out from

How does Work

What an incredible app that pay you any time you want as long as you work for a living, you can be able to use this app because according to, all users on their platform can get access to unlimited payment instead of waiting till your payday. What app does is that they will allow you access the amount of money you need, then they will definitely withdraw their money back from your account that why I said that you have to put in your correct bank account details for you to be eligible on

Furthermore, platform believe that You should have free access to the money you’ve already earned.When you look out for the community, the community will look out for you.We can build a world with less financial worry, and more peace of mind. Isn’t this amazing? Yes it it.

Do you know that impact 74% of our community in term of spending on app?

Plus have been able to reduce stress for workers in form of paying workers before the actual date of payment. So what are you waiting for? Registration/Signup

Signing up on website is quit challenging because if you don’t know how to do it, you will he rejected and stopped from getting access to their website so you have to follow my given process and steps for you to be able to use the platform.

Note: You won’t be allowed to make  use of the platform if you are not in the United state because have so many restrictions from people getting into their platform because they are well secured.

But today I will be showing you another way to access the website even if you are not in the USA. But I have to show you the steps to Register it signup on

First step: What you hand to do is to visit their website and you will be asked to download the application on your phone, the application is available for both iOS and Android phone so you must download this app called “Earnin”.

Second Step: You will be asked if you work or you don’t work. Then you must choose “Yes you work”

Third Step: You will be asked when you will love to access your pay for the hour you have worked” then you will choose the date you want.

Fourth Step: You will be asked to signup with your information like your name, email address and you password. Then you can now complete other step that you asked to complete on the app.

Can I get Access to from Another Country.

Yes of course you can actually join the platform if you have a VPN but this is very risky as your IP address can be tracked so you don’t need to do this because when  the admin get to know that you are not really from the United State your connection will be blocked. Login

For you to login on, you have to input your password and your email that you signup with. Instagram Handle

I have been able to track down their Instagram platform where you can get more information about this app if you are really interested so don’t dual the moment.m with earnin.con and get started immediately. Facebook Handle

Good to hear that the earnin app are verified on all their social media platform so you don’t have to be scared of them being fake because they are legit.

Is Legit or Scam

Yes the answer is yes there are legit and you can check out their payment proof on their social media platform so you don’t have to worry.


If you have any idea on this app, feel free to comment and let me know your opinion on this article.

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