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Kuda Micro Finance Review-All You Need to Know About Kuda.

Your personal income is life time earning that can keep you going, keep or saving your income in a safer hands will benefit you more as we now have the Kuda Micro Finance that have been able to take care of all complains our normal Nigeria Bank do give us.

Most times, when I go to the bank to withdraw or to make transactions, I see so many queue trying to get solutions to their problems regarding their bank but I have not seen the Kuda bank experiencing such problem.

Despite the fact that the kuda bank are still coming into lamplight, they have been able to give their customers what that what and other splendid benefits. I know you might want to ask me what Kuda is offering to their customers . You don’t need to worry because that what I will be talking about now.

However, people have been asking me if kuda bank is legit or scam but I keep giving them same answer so as to let them know that kuda bank is not a scam.

Kuda Bank have been able to rank up to 2.million users in one year that to show the algorithm of how their growth is been calculated.

Question keep breaking the internet because most of the kuda Customers are trying to know if Kuda Bank is fake or Legit, can kuda bank close anytime from now, how long have kuda been existing, how can I deposit on kuda bank, when was kuda bank launched and more questions are to be asked.

So let move on so we can no more about the kuda micro finish bank before you save your money with them because we all know that they are so many fake up coming banks like the kuda bank trying to defraud people of their money.



Kuda Micro Finance Review

What is Kuda Bank

How Does Kuda Bank Work

Can I Refer on Kuda Bank

When was Kuda Bank Launched

Where Can I Find Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank Signup Process

Kuda Bank Login

How do I Transfer/Withdraw on Kuda Bank

Is Kuda Bank Legit to Save with?

Will Kuda Bank Close Anytime?

Can I Add money from my GT Bank to Kuda Bank.





Now, we can see all this questions that most people asked about this Kuda bank.

What is Kuda Bank. Kuda Bank is a micro fiancé bank in Nigerian that has been approved by the central bank of Nigerian to help little trader with their day to day activities that has to do with bank. You might also asked if Kuda bank is to be trusted? Yes of course, or what do you think?. I know it will be hard for you to believe in theme because of their litter structure but they offer what other banks can’t offer to their customers.

You might also want to know what the Kuda micro finance offer to their customers but as you read through it will interest you to get started with the kuda bank without any doubt.

How Does Kuda Bank Work: Kuda bank have been able to provide a good feature to help their customers patronize them, and some of this available features are; Save Option, Borrow Option, Budget Option, Statement,Report Option and Free Transaction Fee.

With this option, several customers on Kuda bank have been able to experience a good transaction process, as you can be able to transfer on Kuda bank with out paying for bank charges . Omo who no go like use bank wey dey give free transfer for 20 times. Incase for those that don’t understand, I mean you Kuda bank gave 20 times free transfer to all their customers and this is repeated for every month. Amazing Kuda bank.

Can I Refer on Kuda Bank: Why not, yes of course you can refer on Kuda bank. All you Have to do after signing up on Kuda bank, which I will be teaching you also, then you just have to go to “More” option available on your Kuda bank app, then you can see the referral details when you do all this. Then after that, you can copy your referral code and share it on any other platform and earn person interest on your Kuda account.

Disclaimer: Kuda Bank have not in anyway paid me to do this, but  I choose to let you know more about this app before you take any step on deposit your fund in the kuda bank.

When was Kuda Bank Launched: The Kuda Micro Finance Bank was launched in 2018. And the greatest surprise is that they have been able to accumulate large number of people, I myself make use of kuda bank as a guarantee that the kuda bank is Legit.

Where Can I Find Kuda Bank: Kuda bank has made it easy for their customers to locate their branch in their various position. Like in Lagos now, we can locate Kuda branch in 151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba 101245, Lagos.


And you might also want to know where to get the kuda app like most users asked. You can download the kuda bank app on google play store or your App Store for iPhone users.

Kuda Bank Signup Process: Registration on Kuda bank is kind of frustrating as you have to use your “BVN” – Bank Verification Number for verification on Kuda bank. I was a victim of a wrong bank verification because I was unable to input the correct address date of birth and address that was on my BVN to Kuda bank and that made Kuda bank rejected my account because it does not match at all.


For you to signup on Kuda bank, you have to visits their page with for your Registration. You will be asked to signup with your email address,phone number and if you have a referral code you can also use it. Due to the fact that kuda bank have been able to extend their platform to other region, you will be asked to choose your currency type on the kuda bank app when you want to signup. You will need a selfie for face verification on Kuda.

Kuda Bank Login: After you hand successfully signed up on Kuda bank, you now login with your email and you password. Did you forget your password to your Kuda bank? – Then you don’t have to worry because I will tell you what to do. Just visit the kuda platform and click on the “kuda forgotten password”, then a link will be sent to the email account. Then, you will be asked to input a new person and a transaction pin.



How do I Transfer/Withdraw on Kuda Bank:

Open Kuda.

Tap Add Money on your dashboard.

Tap Bank Transfer.

Tap Share to copy or send your Kuda account details and send money from another bank app or internet banking.

Is Kuda Bank Legit to Save with? Right now,I can’t advice you to use kuda bank with all your mind believing that they won’t shut down anytime because I was trying to login to my Kuda account but unfortunately I couldn’t do that while I still have some money in it. Occasionally, I don’t normally log out because I do transfer all my information, so I don’t need to login and out of the kuda bank.


And as you can see, kuda bank been going through some controversy on the internet about them blocking people’s account for no reason. So, if you are willing to make use of this bank, you should have a little amount of money.

Will Kuda Bank Close Anytime: I can’t predict the fact that this kuda bank can fold any moment from now because I know they are approved by the “CBN” -Central Bank of Nigeria. But what if kuda bank close down what  will you do? With this question around the net all you have to do is to visit their branch and ensure you get your funds back.

Can I Add money from my GT Bank to Kuda Bank:

To send money from a GTBank account:

1. Dial *737*50*amount*416# from the phone number linked to the account.

2. Follow the prompts on your screen to complete your transfer.


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