OctaFx Review- Is OctaFx Legit or Scam. Let Find Out.

Octafx Treading Platform

I believe that if we are able to get a job, at least we will be able to sort out things for ourselves. But the problem is how can we earn money since they are no manual jobs, we can do to help ourselves that why I have brought to you today, how “OctaFx” can actually help us to generate passive income for yourself through OctaFx trading app.

But before I proceed, so many people have been doubting the OctaFx app and and some have even refused to trade with OctaFx because they are scared of losing when they eventually start trading on “OctaFx”.

So today, I will be revealing some secret about the OctaFx trading app because I have been receiving several questions from people asking if “OctaFx is legit or scam” but the question still remain on answered because you have not been able to visit my -OctaFx Review Platform- To know if this OctaFx is legit or scam. I reappear again, is OctaFx legit or scam? Let find out.

However, for those reading this OctaFx review, you are so lucky because you will be gaining more from this OctaFx Review because I will be exploring and explaining the meaning of OctaFx Review, what is OctaFx, how much you can earn from OctaFx, how you can deposit in to your OctaFx account, when the OctaFx app was launched and so on and so forth. So, stay tuned and make sure you read this article, so you won’t make a mistake when trading on OctaFx.

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What is OctaFx
How OctaFx Trading App Work
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When Was OctaFx Trading App Launched.
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How Much Can I Trade on OctaFx.
Where Can I Find OctaFx
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Is OctaFx Legit or Scam


What is OctaFx: Tons of question s have been asking about what the meaning of so-called app, “OctaFx” really mean but I guess the right answer haven’t been given to them that why today, I will love to let you know that OctaFx is another trading tool that allows users to trade on foreign stock market. I know you might say, can I earn on OctaFx if I don’t know how to use Forex but No, you don’t need to be good on Forex before you can start earning on OctaFx Trading App.

I know you might have seen so many celebrities who asked their viewers to use their promo code so you can get 50% bonus on your first deposit, and you are still waiting because you are scared of losing on OctaFx.


How OctaFx Trading App Work: The OctaFx is just like the Forex where you have to trade on the market, depending on your lots size, you will be able to take the lead if you lot size is big. But on OctaFx, all you hand to do is create an account and you don’t have to go through stress like the Forex trading app because OctaFx have been anal to make it easy for their customers.

How can I Earn from OctaFx: OctaFx Trading App have made it easy for users to start up with as little as $25, and according to the Risk Management Program on OctaFx, you can be able to earn more money for yourself if you deposit more on OctaFx. You can start trading today with OctaFx and let me know your outcome.

When Was OctaFx Trading App Launched: Regardless of the year OctaFx was launched, several counties have been able able to create up to 15 million trading accounts in just a short while, that to show you that people are really making money on OctaFx. Although, the OctaFx app was created in 2011 and that should be around 11 years ago with so many users.

Creditability should be given to OctaFx for being a successor I’m advancing and decorating human lives today because most people started trading on OctaFx app, and now they can stand on their own. Don’t you want to stand on your own? Then use OctaFx today.

How To Refer on OctaFx Trading App: It very easy to refer others as long as your hand your OctaFx Link in your bio, all you need to do is to copy your links and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Skype and other platform so that they can click on it and register through your link. After that, OctaFx will be credit you 50% bonus if they trade with OctaFx.

Who is the Owner/Founder of OctaFx: Sincerely speaking, I don’t think there is any need to know the owner of an organization before you can start working with them because as long as this OctaFx is concerned, it is been managed by different companies who come together to build up a good stock exchange forum.

How Much Can I Trade on OctaFx: The minimum amount any one can trade on OctaFx from $25.00 as a beginners though, the higher you trade, the higher you earn.
I hope you also know that OctaFx have also given their users to trade with the minimum amount of 0.01 lot and the maximum of 200 – 500 lots size.

Where Can I Find OctaFx: Unfortunately, the “OctaFx Trading App” is on available in Nigeria and not out of Nigeria, but I think they are really working add to make it come through all the countries. OctaFx users can only operate on android phones as the OctaFx app is not available on App Store. For you to download OctaFx, just go to your chrome and input www.octafx.com.

Secret To Know Before Trading on OctaFx: To avoid getting ripped off, on OctaFx, you have to know what to do I mean some secret before placing your trade or before going into the market.

These are the major criteria to now on OctaFx for you to be successful.
Note: I am not doing this because I am being paid to do so, but because I want to reduce the loss on OctaFx and encourage more traders to find the OctaFx site/platform interesting.

S=Stop Loss
T=Take Profit
In addition, you have to get a good selling signal before you trade on OctaFx.
1. Market must be below the 2 EMA
2. You must have 38.2 candles
3. The 38.2 candle must be wicking off the 21 E.M.A
4. To trade on OctaFx, you must have a strong selling signal like I said before, where you have to get a big momentum candle or the three middle candle or 2 medium and a bigger momentum candle.

OctaFx Registration: New user on OctaFx can register by using this links, www.OctaFx.com. You will be asked to input your real name, Gmail and phone number and password.

OctaFx Login: Login into your OctaFx account after you have successfully created your account and you can now start trading after you have deposited your funds into your dollar account.

Is OctaFx Legit or Scam: Well, the good news is that OctaFx Trading App is legit, and you can go ahead and trade on OctaFx to see your results but make sure you use a smaller lot size to be on the safer side.

So, I guess this will really help you to reduce loss for first time trader of OctaFx. Feel free to ask any questions below the questions section ok this page.

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