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Making money online comes in many ways, but what if there was just one site where you can see different ways to earn online, how would you feel? Well, has done such an amazing work putting multiple ways to earn online into one platform.


On this platform, you earn when you buy its miner, you earn when you spin a wheel, you also earn when you log in daily, lastly you earn by participating in its referral program.


However, no matter how sweet this may sound, you would have to add your money on this site one way, or the other. So, you & I need to know how legitimate is by getting answer to the question – is legit or scam?


Nonetheless, that what review is all about as I’m going to be revealing to you the answer to that question. So, if you have any question you want to know about followusdt, you can always share it with us in the comments at the end of the post.

Without any further introduction, let’s move into followusdt review. Review

One fun fact about most online money making site is that no matter how they tend to pay at the beginning, they will most likely end up a scam. Well, I’m going to be watching for you — so, always reading review occasionally may be of great help to you.


Nevertheless, like always, followusdt review is going to be answering the question of trust which goes thus – is legit or scam?


Moreover, this review cannot stop there because that’s not all what most users on followusdt are interested in. Some may be in search for knowledge on how followusdt works.


Here are some of the question I will be giving answers to, and they are; what is followusdt? How does followusdt work? Who is the founder of followusdt? When was followusdt launched? Who is the founder of followusdt? How to withdraw on followusdt? Followusdt registration, and login.


Quick reminder to all reading this review. This review is neither a promotion nor am I an affiliate to followusdt. However, review is solely for the education of our readers on how followusdt works.


What is is a money making site which allows its users trade in the cryptocurrency market with its bots (AI miners). Well, this site like I mentioned earlier do not only allow you to earn with its bots, but also allows you to make money in different ways.


You know very well I will always tell you how you can make money on followusdt. Moreover, you can learn that below.


How to Earn from

The first thing to do to start making money on is to create your own account. Of course, many of us already know this, moreover I’m just reminding those that doesn’t. Well, once you sign up, you are given the opportunity to spin a wheel to win a reward.


This followusdt rewards could go as high as you’re getting 200 USDT depending on how lucky you are on the wheel. However, that is just the beginning. You get more spins when you log in daily, and an extra 0.2 USDT when you log in for 7 day on a row.


Well, the main way to earn on followusdt is by buying its miner/crypto trading bot. There are numerous trading bots you can select from depending on how much you wish to earn from this platform. On this part, I would advise you to wait till you get the answer to the question ‘is legit?’


Furthermore, you can also earn more on by completing simple tasks. Note that you can only get access to these tasks when you fund your account, and also buy a followusdt bot.


Well, these followusdt tasks are simple tasks you can complete without you even knowing.

Alternatively, earning on still keeps getting interesting as you can earn by bringing people to followusdt. Well, this is called referrals, and you really don’t want to miss out on followusdt referral bonus.


How to get Referrals

Getting your referral link is kind of a complicated price, and you may even miss if you do not really go through this site.


However, to get your followusdt referral link, click ‘wallet’, then press ‘set up’. Now you can select ‘share link’ to get your followusdt invitation link.


When was Launched has been available for quite a while now which means it would be easy to know if followusdt is legit or a scam.


Nonetheless, was launched on the 9th of August 2022, and already have numerous users on it.

Well, when you invite friends to register, and add wallet address to, you get 0.2USDT. On the other hand, you also earn an extra 0.5 USDT bonus when your friend activate their account


Who is the Owner of

Even till date, the trend of most passive income sites is now to hide the identity of their developers, or founder.

Well, is no different as the developers has refused to make their identity known. Sign Up

Creating an account is way too easy on followusdt. All you need is your phone number (literally any number), your email address, and also password.


Well, you can get started by opening the followusdt official website ‘’, then clicking sign-up. Fill in the necessary details, and you are in. Login

To log into your followusdt account, go to its login page, and put in your phone number, and password.


How to Withdraw on

Well, to withdraw your earnings on, you need to first add your USDT wallet address, and also set your withdrawal password.


Once you have done that, you can now request withdrawal. Also, ensure that you have met the minimum withdrawal threshold of 20 USDT.


Is Legit or Scam

As at the time of this written blog post, is a legit site, and paying site with multiple proofs of payment from different individuals. Well, this doesn’t guarantee that followusdt would be available for long even though it is currently safe.


Even so, I would advise all users to avoid putting more than they can afford to lose on

Well, if you think is legit or scam, do share your reviews with us in the comments below.



Thank you for reading till the end of review.

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