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Have you been scrolling on the internet and then randomly come across something called Gemgala? If you are haven’t, then thank your stars you are now on this page. Because knowing about gemgala is a blessing!

The platform which is often regarded as has been trending for some weeks now, and this is because internet users are starting to love this online platform.


If you still don’t know what is, then let’s put you out of your misery; is a trending app that is paying members to sign up and get involved in the app.


That’s just the tip of it all. There are tons of things you still have to know about, and this article will do the needful(by providing you with the necessary set of info).


Please ensure that you do not skip any part. Because, if you aim to earn from gemgala app, then it is actually a necessity that you read every line of this article.


As you continue to read, you would totally understand why we emphasize on you reading to the end of this gemgala review article. Review

Now that we have your full attention(because reading to this part of this article means you are fully interested in earning from, you should please note that the purpose of this write up is to help with answers to different questions people have been asking.


We are fully aware that not a lot of people know how gemgala app operates, and we know that some who have already signed up/joined, are yet to start earning due to confusion on how to go about with earning.


In this article, we promise to provide answers to questions such as these ones: What is, how to make money from, how to get referrals, how to perform login steps, is legit or scam, and other questions as well.


Disclaimer: This post contains information that we got as a result of research. We may, or may not be 100% accurate. But be rest assured that a higher percentage of what you read in this article is accurate.

Hopefully, this article helps with increasing your revenue.


What is

Gemgala is actually a fun platform and one to ease aware your stress. Bet you didn’t see this coming, but is a platform for playing games. But this site rewards you for the games played.


To make it interesting, there are different types and kinds of games available on the app. This is done so that members don’t get bored of playing the same game repeatedly.


For playing games and performing activities right, you would get rewarded with virtual coins or gems available only on the gemgala app. These gems and coins can be converted to real money, and can be bank accounts.


How to Earn from

If you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone, then the next step is to start earning gems and coins.

Below are tasks and activities you can carry out that would increase your earnings.


First and foremost, you could head over the task center and see the daily tasks of the day.

It could be to watch online ads, play a racing game, or play a Ludo game(it varies daily). So when you complete the daily task, you get rewarded with gems.


Remember, gems and coins can be converted into money in your local currency.


To increase your earnings, you could decide to target weekly tasks.

For weekly tasks, it is harder to complete, but the gem rewards are totally worth it. In the end, you always get rewarded *wink*


Another way to make money on is by referrals. referral is a very cool way to earn. It doesn’t involve games though.

Your job is to share your gemgala referral link to non-members of, and urge them to sign up.


If they do perform sign up process using your referral link, then you will get rewarded with two thousand gems.


How to get Referrals

To start earning by referring, log into your gemgala dashboard. Then, click on ‘invitation.’ After that, click on ‘invite my friends.’

You will then be shown your referral link. Copy this link and start sharing immediately.


When was Launched

We are not 100% sure about when was launched, but what we know is that gemgala started to get attention from the start of August, 2022. This probably means that gemgala app launched on August 1st.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is hidden and unknown. No member has a hint of who he or she is. No one is concerned about it either. Sign Up

To register, head to google play store and search for ‘Gemgala.’ Then download and install.


To perform igemgala sign up, open the app and select gmail. Then join with any of your email/gmail accounts.


Unfortunately, Iphone users will not be opportune to earn from this app because it is for Android users only.

The app is not available on the app store for now. Login

To perform login process, simply open your gemgala app. You will immediately find yourself in your dashboard. That’s it! No need for any sign up process!


How to Withdraw on

On gemgala, you can withdraw as low as one dollar. Just open the app on your phone, click on your earnings, then withdraw it to your personal bank account. No hassle!


Is Legit or Scam

It is amusing that people are still asking, “Is gemgala legit or scam?” It is amusing because, why would you think it isn’t legit?


It seems legit, and every reader of ours is urged to sign up and start earning on the site.

Stop asking if is legit or scam, because this will slow you down. Just start working towards earning money, and withdraw as soon as you have up to a dollar. This would convince you if it is a legit or scam site.


If you have questions about this gemgala review article, then ask questions below.

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