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It is no longer news that there is a high percentage of unemployed youths in Nigeria. Because of this, many youths have channeled their energy into the internet. Some are bloggers, some are crypto experts, while some are content creators. Lastly, there are those who earn from easy money making platforms. An example of an easy money making platform is!


For those who focus on earning from sites like, they stand a chance to earn daily, withdraw without having to stay consistent and committed for months, and they do not need any special skills.

As you can see, focusing on money making sites is not such a bad idea.


Would you like to earn from simple sites? Then might just be the right platform. And in this article, we will do the necessary introductions and enlightenment.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional in this field. Even if this is the first time you are giving this a try, this review article will help you with every vital info you need. Be rest assured! Review

As this is going to be detailed review article, this review article promises to leave no stone unturned. Everything you need to know will be mentioned here. And every question you have been asking, will be answered here.


We are fully aware that internet users, mostly those that plan to join windeyfund, have been asking about the legitimacy of the site. Well, prepare to get a satisfactory answer regarding ‘whether is legit or scam.’


Please note that, the most part of this writeup will be about answering questions. To be clear, ‘we will be answering your questions!’

This includes questions like; What is windeyfund, how to make money from windeyfund, how to get referral, how to go about login process, Is legit or scam, and many other questions.


If you aren’t feeling too ‘excited’ to join windey fund, then perhaps you were not informed that you will be rewarded for merely signing up on the site.

That’s right! When you head over to the site and perform sign up process, you get rewarded five hundred naira. More earnings can then come in.


What is is a Nigerian made money making sites. Apparently, it is for Nigerians only, but people living outside Nigeria can also earn from this site(but you must have a Nigerian mobile number and bank account).


Windeyfund allows internet users to earn without any special skill. You merely have to follow rules and regulations(laid out by the platform), and you will earn without stress.


You could say is also any investment site too. They have got investment packages that could allow you earn more cash.


How to Earn from

There are different ways to add to your revenue. They are listed below.



On, the platform pays you to share the word to social media platform. That is, you get rewarded for sharing withdrawal pictures or investment pictures on social media sites.

The reward can be between one hundred naira to five hundred naira.



The other way to earn money from is by investing in the available packages.

There are about six available packages, and you choose one to deposit in.


The amazing part about the investment packages on windeyfund, is that you will get back daily returns. Meaning that you will earn everyday.


Disclaimer: This blog does not support depositing or investing your money. Do so at your own risk.


Referrals referrals is the best, and the recommended way to make money from the platform.


By convincing and persuading people to join windeyfund using your referral link, the site would pay you up to 10% of your referral’s earnings.

And even more interesting, is the fact thay referring has no limits. So even if you get as much as one thousand and one referrals, you won’t be limited. Your earnings would just keep increasing.


How to get Referrals

There is only one way to get referral, and it is by sharing your referral link around.


To get your referral link, you would need to perform login process, and then find and click on ‘Team.’ On this page, you would find the link. And you can start sharing it around.


When was Launched

Windeyfund began operations in the month of August, and in the year 2022. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the exact date windeyfund launched.


When it comes to being transparent with members, has a score of zero(out of a hundred). The site doesn’t provide enough needed information to members.


Who is the Owner of

Like we mentioned, there is no transparency on this platform. Because of this reason, we do not have any idea of who the owner of is. Sign Up

Steps to sign up on windeyfund are as follows:

1. Find your way to the site homepage(which is

2. Click on register

3. On sign up page, fill all your details in the most accurate way possible(make no mistakes).

4. Click on ‘Register’ to submit. Login

To login, find your way to the homepage and you would immediately be redirected to login page.


On the login page, provide your login details and then submit.


How to Withdraw on

The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your windeyfund account is eight hundred naira.


To place your withdrawal, log into your account, find the withdrawal page, then fill in your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw.


Is Legit or Scam

People do ask, “Is legit or scam?” People who ask this question, are really smart. Because, if you are a member of this site but don’t know if windeyfund is legit or scam, then you are a careless person.


The honest truth is, isn’t 100% legit. Know this and know peace.

If you doubt, then that’s on you. But bear in mind that we have informed you that windeyfund isn’t legit.


If you have any questions related to this review article, then kindly drop it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.


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