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If you live in South Africa, there are lots of online opportunities waiting for you. All you have to do is pick up your mobile phone, or pc, and get to it. For instance, there are site called that allows its members earn ‘easy bucks’ everyday. Many internet users are already cashing out from this platform, you too should be ready to milk it.


The internet is said to be the best source to earn money from. This is something everyone should agree with, 100%. The internet is really a gold mine to earn. And since there are hundreds(if not thousands) of free websites to earn from, every internet user should be swimming in cash by now.


Although earning online is not as easy as it sounds, the good thing is we are here to guide you members on the right steps to take.

If you wish to earn money on, then all you have to do is read to the end of this review article.


This review article wil break down all the complicated parts of easybucks. Reading this article will help you understand how it works, and how you can earn with ease. So once again, ensure you read this guide to the end. Review

In this guide, we will provide solutions to every hurdle you are likely to face as a member of!

If you think earning from easybucks will be tough, then prepare to be wronged! This article will help make it a smooth sail.


Obviously, all new members would have questions/queries that they have been asking. Well, this review article will have lots of answers and solutions to those queries.


This includes, what is easybucks, how to earn from, who is the owner of easybucks, how to go about referrals, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, e.t.c.


As you read through every line of this article, keep it at the back of your mind that our blog is not affiliated with Easybucks. This article you are reading is also not a promotional contents.

All we aim to achieve, is to provide educative content to the general public.


What is is a platform for making easy money on the internet. Even though the site is made for South Africans, people living in other countries can earn too. All you need is a South African bank account to receive your payment.


Easybucks is that platform you have probably been searching for all your life. It is a platform that gives bonuses to members, allows members to earn money everyday, provides 100% return on investments(for those who deposits), and even at some point gives free money to members(the free token which can be converted into money).


Do you not find enticing??


How to Earn from

Internet users are already earning from, why haven’t you started? What is that you said? You don’t know how to earn from the site? Alright, here is how it is done;


You can earn money on easybucks by accumulating special tokens on your dashboard.

Then, you can sell the tokens and withdraw the cash.


The down side is, you may not be able to gather a satisfactory amount of tokens unless you deposit and invest.

If you do deposit, you would get lots of tokens, and then you can sell them and get up to 100% return on investment(according to the site owner).


Disclaimer: We do not recommend depositing/investing into!!


Alternative way to earn is by getting referrals. Loads and loads of referrals. It is really rewarding.


When you refer a person on, you would get up to R2.5 bonus.

Amazingly, you can get up to ten to twenty referrals in one day. Then imagine how much you will make weekly.


How to get Referrals

To start earning money by referring, you simply have to share your referral link.


This link is what makes your referral’s count.

So, find and copy your link from your dashboard. Then share the link with your friends. When they click on it and then perform login process, you would be rewarded for referral almost immediately.


When was Launched might be trending on different social media platforms, but the truth behind the excitement is because it is a new website. In no time, people will probably stop the excessive hype around it. was launched in the month of August(2022). We do not know the exact date they kick started their operations.


Who is the Owner of

The true founder and owner of is not known. Even workers are not known. This earning site has a long way to go, when dealing with transparency. Sign Up

To join easybucks, simply click on the referral link you are given, then fill all your details accurately.


You don’t have a referral link? Then head straight to, then click on ‘Try Easybucks.’ You will immediately be taken to sign up page.


On the sign up/registration page, fill your details correctly and submit. Login

It is very easy to login! Quickly, go over to easybucks homepage. Then, click on ‘Sign In.’


You will then be redirected to login page. On the login page, type in your username and password, then submit.


How to Withdraw on

It is said that the only way for withdrawal to be possible, is when you have at least R150 balance.


If you earned up to R150, then perform login process and find your way to the withdrawal page.

On the withdrawal page provide your bank account details and amount you desire to withdraw. Then submit.


Is Legit or Scam

Many internet users have been dropping their payment screenshots from easybucks. It is no longer something that needs to be questioned, is legit!


For those still asking, “Is legit or scam?” Note that, as at the time this review article was done, easybucks is currently legit and paying!


Thanks a bunch for reading every part of this review article. If you have any questions, drop it below.

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