Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

Technology is one of the wonderful creations of humanity and we do need more and more people with the ability to create new technologies on a continuous basis. Technology changes rapidly and many positions that were hot 5-10 years ago may no longer exist today, replaced by something new. Here are the top future technology skills of 2022:

Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

According to CB Insights, here are the Top 10 Technology Skills of 2022. But let’s see what will happen after 5 years:

1) Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies (from $0 to $$1M+ in value)

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies – Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

Yes, it is possible that someone who knows how blockchain works right now has $0. It is also likely that this person does not fully understand how cryptocurrencies work and how they can create value. They are skills because they are learnable, but the technology itself is exponentially changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with. The speed of learning these technologies is vital because it can get you started sooner, generate revenue faster, and give you a competitive advantage over others who are starting in 3-4 years when blockchain will be much more mature (and well paid).

Of course, if you invest in cryptocurrencies now (not any, only quality ones), then in 5 years you may become one of the wealthiest people on Earth;) At least in theory. Why? If someone invested $1000 in Bitconnect when it was worth 0.55$ per coin (just before they announced its closure this person would have 12779 coins, which means $278 870!), then that’s how it can be right now with some quality cryptocurrencies.

Of course, not everyone will become rich in this market because crypto trading is very risky and speculative. But an experienced trader may become wealthy. My point is that if you know how blockchain works or how to trade cryptocurrencies, in 5 years you can get pretty far on this knowledge alone.

2) Data Scientist ($1M – $7M+ per year)

Data Scientist
Data Scientist – Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

This person knows how to find insights in the data and create predictive models for businesses, which helps them increase their revenue stream by driving sales or decreasing the cost of customer acquisition for example. It’s a very hot job right now and it seems like AI (artificial intelligence) is the best tool to find insights into data. Therefore, this person will need additional knowledge of AI (machine learning, deep learning) and it’s where the price of a Data Scientist can grow up to 7M / year.

3) Application Developer ($100K – $200K per year)

This someone who knows how to write code that helps businesses solve problems. This solution may be apps for smartphones or web solutions that help with business operations, automate processes or create new products/services. A good developer needs creativity and technical skills so the range of jobs they can do is very broad, however, most demand some specific skills like programming language proficiency (e.g., Java, and .Net, etc.), database proficiency (MySQL, Oracle), mobile application development (iOS, Android). Here is a list of very important programming skills you need to learn right now.

4) Cyber Security ($100K – $200K per year)

Cyber security that deals with protecting digital systems from unauthorized access or damage will become more and more popular in the future. This person knows how to deal with hackers, secure data, set up firewalls, etc. It’s hard for an average Joe to become a cyber security specialist because it requires excellent technical knowledge as well as creative thinking ability. As I said, technology changes are rapid so this career also has a short lifespan.

5) Electronic Systems Technician ($75K – $110K per year)

This is another job that deals with improving the performance of technology by diagnosing/troubleshooting, building, configuring, or installing computer systems.

6) Construction Trade Helper ($50K – $90K per year)

This person knows how to operate machines used in construction such as cranes, aerial lifts, and bulldozers. They can be taught easily and they are well paid right now (and it seems like their demand will continue to grow). It’s not very creative work but that’s why trade helpers get paid less than for example architects who deal with design problems that need more creativity.

7) Solar Energy Technician ($40K – $80K per year)

This person knows how to install, maintain and repair solar energy systems. This is a job that demands specific technical knowledge so it’s not surprising that it pays well.

8) AI and Robotics Research Scientist ($75K – $110K per year)

This is a relatively new job that deals with the exploration of AI and robotics. In other words, they develop technologies that help people to understand the impact of AI and robotics on society. This job requires some knowledge in math or computer science but it’s very broad so you can easily switch from one research topic to another while still staying within the field of AI development. As I said, some people believe that new jobs created by automation will be more creative in the future so they can be paid more, but I doubt that will happen. AI developers are currently pretty good paid because AI is a very hot topic right now, but this demand will probably decline in 5-10 years because AI won’t be so unique after all.

Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

Other Skills That Could Make You a Millionnaire in 2022

8 ) Spa Therapist ($55 K – $100 K per year)

A spa therapist is a person who helps customers feel good through massage, facials, and other treatments at a spa. This job requires creativity and technical skills.

9) Fashion Designer ($45K – $150K per year)

This person knows how to create creative clothing, shoes, bags, etc. It’s surprising that many people think it’s a very hard job but actually, fashion designers can be taught easily and provide high income. Their demand will probably decrease because the internet allows everyone to make/sell clothes from home very easily (just look at all those e-commerce stores). In addition, 3D printing is about to change the way we manufacture clothes making it even less attractive as a career skill. However, if you’re really good in this area you can earn well enough up to 150k / year.

10) Product Designer ($45K – $150K per year)

This person knows how to create new products that are useful for businesses by combining existing product features, materials, colors, etc. It’s another creative job with an average income. However, this is a skill that will probably become less popular in the future because 3D printing allows people to make whatever they want at home without expensive industrial equipment.

11) Chef ($50K – $80K per year)

This is one of the few jobs where you’re not really at risk of being replaced by technology (although AI might change this). Being a good chef takes creativity and technical skills. Of course, there are many specializations within this field like pastry chefs or sushi chefs but the overall demand for these experts is growing.

12 ) Personal Trainer ($50K – $80K per year)

This person helps others improve their physical appearance by creating exercise plans using different equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells. It may seem disputable whether this job requires creativity but the truth is that if you’re good at it you can make pretty much money (although I think there are better jobs out there).

13 ) Fitness Instructor ($30K – $70K per year)

If your goal is to obtain an average salary there are better options out there. However, if you really love fitness you can make good money because this industry is growing very fast (probably because people try to care more about their health).

14 ) Dietician ($55K – $90K per year)

Dietitians help others lead healthy lives by creating meal plans based on their age, medical issues, etc. This job requires creativity and technical skills so it’s not surprising that dieticians get paid well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it seems like there are a lot of jobs that require creativity and offer good money if you become a real expert. If you’re looking for a career that can make you a millionaire in 2022 this is probably the best option. On the other hand, I think there are better options out there because most of those jobs don’t involve long-term risk (those who work on AI, robotics, etc.)

Of course, creativity isn’t everything you need to be successful. Technical skills also matter so if you really want to get into high income quickly then learn software programming languages like iOS or Python. This way your working hours will be much shorter than other people at similar positions which means less time needed to accumulate wealth for early retirement. So what should you do? My advice would be to pick one of the job options listed in this article and learn all the necessary skills.

Top Technology Skills To Learn in 2022

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