AC Market: Best Cracked App, Game and Mods Marketplace

AC Market: Best Cracked App, Game and Mods Marketplace

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then the first thing that would have crossed your mind after reading about AC Market is probably this: what is AC? Well, let us explain before we get to the root of this article.

AC Market stands for Ace Card market which is an app store for Android users offering cracked apps, games, mods etc. for free or at cheap prices.

Not only that but AC Market has its own website which serves the same purpose (of offering cracked apps) with a few differences in functionality and usability. Moreover, it’s integrated with Google Play Store to allow Android users to download their favorite content in no time.

How Does AC Market Work?

So, how does the AC Market app work to provide you with all those cracked apps and games? Well it gets its content from hundreds or even thousands of servers scattered around the world. And users are allowed to download these contents without paying a single buck. But it’s not as easy as 1-2-3 because sometimes files have broken links that could result in an error while installation. So be patient if there are any errors!

AC Market Problems & Solutions

Although this is definitely good news for Android users, but since the service is free, many people try to take advantage by uploading fake cracks on Google Drive (which is why most of the times Google Play Store warns you about such downloads). On top of that, there are also people who upload malware apps and even some viruses. To avoid such problems, we suggest using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) extension for your browser to hide your identity and make it impossible for hackers to catch hold of your personal information.

How to Install AC Market on Android?

Now here’s the real deal! The first thing you need to do is head over to the official website: On their main page, you can see categories like “Apps” and “Mods” listed at the top right corner; click on them and then select an app or game from whichever category you would like. Then simply tap on “Download Now!” button which will take you directly to the Google Play Store to either download it for free or purchase it.

If you’re a first time user, then AC Market will ask you to register with an email address and a password. On the other hand, if you’re a returning customer then simply login via your Facebook or Google+ account without any issues.

Mod APK’s on AC Market

And that’s not all as there are nearly 10,000 Mod APK apps which can be downloaded from AC Market platform as well. In case you don’t know what mods are: they are basically modified or hacked versions of paid Android apps or games i.e those having unlimited money/resources for use in-game etc!

Like many iOS users have access to in-game currency in the form of ‘J Coins’ and ‘J Energy’ which can be used to purchase anything in their favorite games. However, we would suggest using a hacking tool called ‘Game Killer Apk’ for this purpose. You can download this app from the ACMarket platform by following the same steps described above.

How to Download Free Android Apps & Games on AC Market?

It’s pretty simple! All you need is an Android phone with version 2.3 or later and 50mb free space in your memory card (which is quite normal). If that sounds like you then head over to Google Play Store and search for any app or game that you’d like to spend some time playing on your phone; once found, click on the green colored option and then install it to your mobile.

Once installed, open AC Market from your app drawer and look for the same app. Simply tap on “Download Now!” button and you’re set!

AC Market Best Cracked App, Game and Mods Marketplace
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AC market is a nice little service which has been around since 2011 but didn’t get into limelight until 2013 when people started using Android based smartphones en masse. It’s basically a platform where users can download cracked apps, games, mods etc without paying a single buck! What more could any Android user ask for? In addition to that, there are no viruses or malwares waiting to attack your phone unless of course you’ve got some really dumb virus scanners on your device! All-in-all, if you’re looking to find some good paid Android apps & games on the internet then AC Market is your best bet.

List of Alternative AC market Apps Where You Could Download Cracked Apps for Free

#1 AppValley:

We all remember how we used to install cracked apps on our iPhone and iPod Touch through Installous and vShare before Apple decided to close-down both apps.

Well, I have good news for you, you can still install cracked iTune Store Apps with vShare or iFunBox onto your iOS 6 or 7 devices through AppValley.

AppValley is the perfect app installer that enables iPhone & iPad users to search and download all kinds of free apps which are available on the iTunes store.

The only different between this one and vShare is that it’s not in English so it may seem a little bit hard to navigate through the app at first even if you know what you are looking for since there isn’t a clear direction but once you get used to it then its just as easy as vShare. Like vShare , this app runs via a modified version off Installous which runs on vShare .

It also has the “App of the Week”, which is where you can download latest free apps through AppValley , straight to your iOS device. These are usually paid applications that have been made free for a limited time so you better hurry up and download them before they return back to their original price!

Be sure to install AppValley by clicking here  and then simply search for any app that interests you.

You will be redirected to an external website where you can download the cracked IPA file, just like with vShare.

The only difference is that here at AppValley no need for Cydia Impactor since it already comes pre-installed.

Once downloaded, press on the app icon and hit “Trust”.

Then head over to your Settings, General and Profile & Device Management (for iOS 7 users) and select the profile you’ve just installed.

Now go back to your home screen and hold down on the app until it jiggles and hit the cross at the top left of your screen. Congrats! You have successfully downloaded a cracked app onto your iOS device.

#2 iFunBox:

One alternative that works similarily as both installer apps is iFunbox . For those who never used this tool before, it’s pretty much like an iTunes for windows, but instead of managing music, videos or backups it gives you access to Cydia tweaks such as AppSync to install cracked apps.

I think is pretty much self-explanatory to use this app, but if you are not familiar with the concept of jailbreaking then here’s a link that can help you install your first jailbroken app using iFunBox

If you are looking for some paid apps or free games to download, iFunbox has an App market built in which lets you search for whatever it is that interests you.

Note: After installing the latest iOS 8 firmware, make sure to install the newest version of iFile from Cydia before using this tool on your new iPhone.

For those of you who don’t know what Cydia is, check out my article about How To Download Paid Apps From The Store For Free  and get a good idea of how jailbreaking works.

#3 AppCake:

Just like iFunBox, AppCake is another great app installer for iOS users who want to download free apps from the iTune store without going through the hassle of signing up for an iTunes account.

Here you will find games, themes and all kinds of apps that have been cracked by other developers so don’t expect to get any updates on your newly downloaded apps but hey, at least it’s better than nothing right?

The only downside I found while using this tool was that there were times when downloading paid applications would give me a different app instead since they must be giving out free licenses or something similar but other than that it does a great job.

You can download AppCake from here.

# 4 Tutu Helper:

Now this is a very popular app installer among the jailbreak community and recently it was updated so now you have access to Installous, Movie Box, Tidal Wave and Game Vaux at one place instead of going through all of them individually since they were previously separate apps.

In other words, it’s just like having vShare on your device! Pretty nice if you ask me 🙂 If you’re not familiar with any of these, then let me just briefly explain what each of these tools does:

Installous: Is pretty much just like iFunBox and AppCake that allows users to download other applications from the iTunes store and install them on their iOS device.

Movie Box : The main point behind this app is to let you watch movies without having to pay for it, so as expected, there are a ton of movies available which you can stream or download directly onto your iDevice. Great if you ask me but sadly, they stopped updating this app so now all it has is old content. I didn’t come across any new videos while using the latest version myself!

Tidal Wave: This great tool lets you stream music directly on your iPhone / iPad. Just search for some songs , click on the first result and stream them directly to your device. No need to download anything! However, they don’t have very many songs for now so I guess this app works best with iOS devices that are jailbroken in countries where Apple doesn’t block out these apps.

Game Vaux: If you love playing games then GameVox is probably what you’re looking for. You can find paid or free games which you can play without having to pay every time(just like the old times) although there are not many games available , they will most likely release more soon enough. It’s a very simple yet effective app that lets u search for different apps by category or name.

# 5 Installer 4:

Now this is the only tool on our list which does not provide app installation services like iFunBox or AppCake. Instead, what Installer 4 allows you to do is install paid games and apps for free so if you’re looking to play a certain game but don’t want to spend money then your answer might lie in this app!

#6 Xmodgames:

This another great alternative that works similar to Installous. It lets you download other applications from the iTunes store and installs them directly onto your device without having to go through any hassle. Want to watch movies?

Well just search for it, click on the first result and stream it straight from Xgames itself or let’s say that you want to play a certain game then just search for it and there you go.

Xmod will save your time as well as money since it lets you download all of your favorite applications with ease.

You can also make use of the various filters provided such as making use of price tags , name , category and platform so if you’re looking for an app which is either free or is worth spending money on then this tool is what you need!

# 7 iFunBox:

Although we already mentioned iFunBox in our previous article about software similar to vShare, it’s one of those tools that needs more exposure. This awesome application allows iPhone /iPad users to install other apps onto their devices without having to pay for it and trust me when I say that the installation procedure is very simple.

iFunBox also lets users browse through a wide variety of apps which are available on the iTunes store so if you’re looking for some new applications then this tool will surely come in handy.

Although there aren’t any tutorials provided on what each app does , but if you have been jailbreaking your device from a while or have used iFunBox before then this should not be an issue!

# 8 AppCake:

Another great alternative to Installous & vShare although not exactly a free one, but still worth mentioning on our list.

App Cake provides tons paid apps for download and while most of them are paid, some apps can be found which you can download for free.

The app has a search option available , all you have to do is type in what you’re looking for and voila! You can also make use of the various filters provided by AppCake.

AppCake provides tons of features future but the best part about it is that it’s 100% safe. No viruses or unsafe data mining practices are used so don’t worry about any sort of security threats. It’s just one install away!

# 9 Jailbreak App Installer:

This tool will let you download other applications on your iPhone /iPad directly without having to jailbreak your device.

It works similar to other tools mentioned above and provides tons of other apps as well.

This is an alternative tool for those who do not like the idea of jailbreaking their devices before installation.

Although we do recommend our readers to use iFunBox or AppCake instead if they can since this app will only work on iOS versions 5+ which you usually find on newer devices such as iPhone 5, iPad Mini etc .

# 10 PPSSPP (Best PSP Emulator):

This is one of those must have tools that I personally use during my free time whenever I want to try out a new game but don’t feel like spending money on it, so what PPSSPP does is that it installs a certain PlayStation Portable emulator known as PPSSPP on an iOS device and allows users to play console games such as God of War or Tekken directly on their iOS devices at full speed.

The best thing about PPSSPP is that it’s compatible with almost every game out there and works perfectly, there might be some minor bugs present here and there but they aren’t severe enough to ruin your experience. So , if you’re looking for a PSP emulator then this is the one that I would recommend!

#11 Downloader Pro:

Well , all of you jailbreakers must have come across this awesome tool before because it’s just great.

It lets you download multiple files simultaneously over 3G or Wi-Fi according to your choice which makes it a great alternative for Safari Download Manager.

The best part about this tool is that it’s completely free and comes with an internal browser as well, download speeds are decent but not the fastest out there although you can always change your download server to get better results.

While you’re at it, I would also suggest downloading uTorrent which will let you download torrent files directly on your iOS device without any hassle.

# 12 Activator (Best Activation Remover):

This is another one of those tools which has saved the day more than once for me personally because sometimes due to system errors or bugs, users might lose their jailbreak & need to restore their devices again so what Activator does is that it allows them to activate certain features within seconds after a restore.

With this tool , users can simply tap the volume up button twice and you will see a little activator popup that will allow you to input an Activator action of your choice which will then be executed instantly.

In other words, Activator lets you activate certain iOS functions within seconds even if it’s been disabled by signing out from your Apple ID . The best part about it is that it’s completely free and comes with tons of features !

# 13 BiteSMS (Best Replacement for iMessage):

If you come from Android or BlackBerry, then chances are that you might be used to texting much more than anyone else so what iMessage does is that it allows users to text people directly on their iPhone as SMS but for free.

Now, BiteSMS is an alternative which can be used as a replacement for iMessage to send text messages directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad even if you do not have any active internet connection so it’s quite useful in many situations.

Of course, the best part about this app is that it comes with tons of features such as quick reply features, blacklisting contacts, scheduling messages and much more. This tool just completely revolutionized how I use SMS on my device so if you’re looking for something like this then give BiteSMS a try.

# 14 Auxo (Best Replacement for Notification Center):

We all hate the notification center of iOS because it’s just way too basic against the likes of Android’s notification center but thanks to the jailbreak community, we have an awesome replacement for it which goes by the name of Auxo.

It completely revamps your iOS Notification Center and provides you with a ton of features such as Control Center like quick shortcuts, music controls and much more.

The best part about this app is that it’s compatible with quite a lot of tweaks and fixes notifications issues (so if there are any), comes with various interface options and themes too, has a great design worth mentioning and most importantly, it looks absolutely fantastic! So, if you’re looking for something like this then you should definitely give Auxo a try!

# 15 iFile (Best File Manager):

One major issue that I had with iOS devices was that I couldn’t really manage my files properly without using a computer and that’s where iFile comes in to play as it lets you manage, view and edit your files right on your iOS device.

It supports a wide range of filetypes such as PDFs, Text Files, Word Documents, Images and more importantly, it integrates well with the built-in iOS apps which makes it much more easier to use.

The best part about this app is that it’s completely free (although there are some in-app purchases) and comes with tons of features so if you’re looking for something like this then don’t forget to check out iFile!

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now guys but be sure to stay tuned for future posts in which I’ll be discussing more jailbreak tweaks, tools and apps so make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media! Thanks for reading!

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